Boost Student Math Engagement with Knowre

Teachers choose from 200 lessons in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry that foster the development of critical math skills through supported practice and personalized assignments.

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Support and engage students

Reinforce and review

Students can review key concepts learned in class by solving practice and application problems and watching short instructional videos.

Step-by-step instruction

When a student is struggling, the ‘Walk Me Through’ feature provides interactive, step-by-step support that fills student learning gaps.

Engage and motivate

Game-like interface and reward system motivates and engages students, helping to make math learning more approachable.

Reach the entire class

Target learning gaps

Our technology identifies a student’s gaps in learning and generates personalized review problems to close those gaps.

Data that makes sense

Color-coded and easy-to-read, our data helps teachers to quickly identify students and concepts that require additional attention.

Break free from grading

In just three clicks, assign lessons or review problems. Student performance is scored, analyzed, and delivered in real-time so you don’t have to.

Integration made simple

Maximize instruction time

Knowre provides resources and tools so that teachers can spend more time focusing on what they love – teaching!

Standards aligned content

Our curricula are standards-aligned and our lessons, problems, and videos are developed by experienced math teachers.

Easy to use

Flexible and user-friendly interface enables teachers to easily integrate Knowre into their curriculum and classroom.

Teacher Dashboard

Knowre’s web application for schools is packed with a number of
great features for teachers and students.

Knowre’s Teacher Dashboard shows student achievement at a glance so teachers can quickly identify students who may need extra help.

In just three steps, teachers can assign lessons and review problems to one, several, or all students and set submission dates.

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Knowre is available for schools in the United States only.