Frequently Asked Questions


+ Coins and Stars Achievement System

Knowre’s Coins and Stars Achievement System rewards students for their hard work and motivates students to master math concepts and skills.


  • Students begin Knowre with 100 coins. Each lesson costs 10 coins to unlock.
  • Students earn coins by answering questions. For each question they answer correctly on their first or second try, they will receive three coins.
  • If a student uses the Walk Me Through for help or answers the Walk Me Through steps incorrectly, they will lose coins.
  • Students are always encouraged to retry questions in order to earn all three coins. New values will appear for each question on a retry.
  • Many Knowre teachers like to offer in-class incentives for reaching an individual or collective coin goal. We’ve created a printable coin tracker to help facilitate tracking individual goals.


  • Stars illustrate that students have mastered and watched all of the videos for that lesson.
  • Students can accumulate up to three stars per lesson. One star is achieved after 30% of the total possible coins are earned, two stars after 60% of the total possible coins are earned, and three stars after 90% of total possible coins are earned.

+ Walk Me Through

Knowre’s Walk Me Through feature serves two key purposes: to provide just-in-time instruction for students and to relay formative assessment data for teachers. When a student has trouble with a problem, they can click on the Walk Me Through button located above Dr. Doug on the left side of the screen for help.

The Walk Me Through breaks problems down step-by-step, mimicking the way a teacher would work with a student one-on-one. At many steps throughout the problem solving process, Knowre provides just-in-time learning videos that students can access to receive support on the specific step they are working on. Knowre is also collecting formative assessment data at each step as students work through the problem. This data is presented in the Curriculum Closeup tab of the Teacher Dashboard.

+ Assignments

Knowre offers teachers the ability to give two types of assignments: Lesson and Review.

To create an assignment, begin by going to the Teacher Dashboard and choosing a class. Then, click on the Assignments tab followed by the +New Assignment button.

You now have the option to assign either a Lesson or Review.

  • Choose Lesson to assign all the questions in a given lesson to students. When choosing lessons to assign to your students, please note that you can assign multiple lessons at a time and they do not have to be in sequential order.
  • Review assignments are adaptive. Each student in your class will receive a set of 12 questions based on the gaps that Knowre has found in their knowledge. You can expand or limit the Review questions by editing the Scope. For more information on how the Review works, refer to the Review Assignments section of this FAQ.

Finally, select a due date and time for the assignment and select the students to assign it to. You can either select All to give the assignment to every student in your class, or select individual students to give it to.

Your students will see their assignments indicated on the map itself with a purple pencil and in the Assignments tab on the left hand side of the map interface.

A note on Assignments data: once the due date of the assignment has passed, students’ scores will freeze. If they continue to work on the assignment independently, their progress will be reflected in the Student Progress tab. Thus, it is possible for a student to have different scores for the same lesson, depending if you are looking at the Assignments tab or the Student Progress tab.

+ Answer Check and Formatting

When inputting responses into the answer field, the rule is to put an answer in the same form as the question. The answer should always be in the most simplified form, unless otherwise specified.

Here are some other tips for entering responses:

  • Reduce fractions
  • Combine like terms
  • Evaluate exponents
  • Reduce radicals (after the skill has been learned)
  • Write repeating decimals with an over bar using as few digits as possible.
  • Use double signs only when it is forced by the problem. For solutions of problem with double signs, parentheses must be used between signs. For example, if asked to use the distributive property simplify the expression -2(x+7), the solution can be written as -2x-14 or -2x+(-14), but -2x+-14 cannot be accepted.

Responses should never include the following:

  • Decimals within fractions
  • Fractions within fractions
  • Radicals in the denominator (after the skill has been learned)

+ Try Again

Knowre always gives students the ability to retry the question at the end of the problem, whether they got it correct or incorrect. Encourage students who did not earn 3 coins on the question to retry the problem for the opportunity to earn all 3 coins. Students who did get the question correct can always retry for extra practice. New problem values will be given on a retry.

+ Curriculum Closeup

Knowre’s technology assesses each and every student at a granular level, collecting data on where each student’s gaps in understanding are. We make it easy for you to access this data in the Curriculum Closeup tab of the Teacher Dashboard.

In the Teacher Dashboard, select select the appropriate class. Click on the Curriculum Closeup tab.

Within the Curriculum Closeup section, you will see a list of every chapter within your selected Curriculum. Click on a chapter to expand it and see each of the lessons within.

Once you find the lesson you need, you can expand it to see a list of all the problems within that lesson. Selecting a problem will show you which students attempted the question and the number of coins they earned. Remember, students lose coins if they use the Walk Me Through or if put in wrong answers. Thus, students who have earned one or no coins on a problem show that they need to revisit the question.

Problems can also be expanded to show a list of all the Walk Me Through steps within the problem. At this level, you can see which students used the Walk Me Through and whether they answered the sub-questions  correctly or incorrectly. This tier of the Curriculum Closeup is great for identifying the granular sub-skill that students are struggling with.