Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

+ What is Knowre's story?

Knowre was born from an after-school math tutoring academy in South Korea. The academy focused on providing a personalized, assessment-based learning experience to every student. However, as the academy grew in popularity and size, it became increasingly difficult for us to give every student the same level of personalization and attention.

We sought out tools to enhance our ability to personalize learning for the rapidly growing student body, but realized that such a tool did not exist. So, we decided to build our own tool that would bring this vision to life. Thus, Knowre was founded in 2012 with the mission of delivering an engaging and personalized learning experience to students around the globe.

Since our founding, Knowre has become a leading provider of educational technology and math content in the United States and South Korea. Knowre is available for schools across the United States and we have also partnered with major companies such as Daekyo, Sylvan Learning, and EBS.

Knowre was named “Best Instructional App” by New York City Schools GapApp Challenge and was recognized as “The World’s Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in EdTech” by Fast Company.

+ How do you pronounce Knowre and what does it mean?

Say “Nori,” like the seaweed. Phonetically, Knowre is the Korean word for “play.” We are focused on making learning fun and engaging for students!

+ What is the name of the mustached character?

His name is Dr. Doug and he serves as your students’ in-program math coach!

+ How much does Knowre cost?

Knowre offers licenses on a per student, per classroom (30 licenses), or per school basis.
Discounts are available for multi-year, district, and volume purchases. You can request a quote here.

All subscriptions are per calendar year and include access to all curricula, unlimited teacher licenses, and professional development webinars.

+ Can I purchase Knowre for my child to use at home?

Yes! Knowre offers a Homeschool product. Learn more about it here.

+ My school is not in the United States. Can I still use Knowre?

Yes, we do service schools outside the United States. However, please be aware that Knowre’s curriculum aligns to United States standards and is only offered in English.

+ I am interested in discussing a partnership opportunity. How do I get in touch?

Please direct all partnership inquiries to Elizabeth at You can learn more about our current partnerships here.

+ What grade levels is Knowre appropriate for?

Knowre is recommended for grades 6-12. We cover Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

+ What does each Knowre curriculum cover? Are they aligned to the Common Core Standards?

To view the topics and skills covered in each curricula and their alignment to the CCSS standards, click here.