Frequently Asked Questions

Review Assignments

+ What is the difference between assigning a Review and a Lesson?

When you assign a standard Knowre lesson, students are given all of the practice and application questions within that lesson. On the other hand, Knowre Reviews are adaptive assignments that generate a set of 12 questions personalized to each student’s areas for growth.

+ How do I assign a Review?

In the Teacher Dashboard, navigate to the Assignments panel. Click the green + New Assignment button and you will be given the option to assign a Review on the right hand side of the screen.

+ Can I control what topics are included in a Review?

Yes! When assigning a Review, you will be prompted to select its Scope. Choose the lesson(s) that include your desired topics of focus. Please note that due to the varying number of questions and skills covered in a Knowre lesson, sometimes selecting one lesson will not be enough to fill all 12 review question slots. In this case, please expand the scope of the Review by selecting additional lessons.

+ How does the Review select questions for each student?

As students are working through Knowre, their performance on lessons and problems is being is collected. The Review algorithm takes into consideration where students got questions right and wrong alongside three other criteria to generate the individualized problem sets.

  • Importance of Concepts: Within a Knowre lessons, there are concepts that are deemed more or less “important.” This is based on how connected the concepts are to other problems or other concepts. In other words, “How often will students use this skill in other problems?” If a student struggles with a more “important” concept, they are likely to see more problems in the Review that are focused on that skill or concept.
  • Repetition: The Review algorithm ensures that there is limited question repetition within a given 12 problem set.
  • Question Level: Students are given questions that are just at the right level – not too easy and not too hard. This is determined by comparing individual student performance data against existing Knowre data on how often specific questions are answered correctly.

+ Can I assign a student the same Review (same scope parameters), but with a different due date?

Yes, you can. This is a great way for students to get even more practice on these topics. Student performance on the first Review will impact the questions they see in the second or third. Though questions may be similar to the first Review, the values in the problems will be different.