Knowre for Homeschool: Frequently Asked Questions

About Knowre

+ How do you pronounce Knowre and what does it mean?

Say “Nori,” like the seaweed. Knowre, phonetically, is the Korean word for “play.” We are focused on making learning fun and engaging for students!

+ How long has Knowre been around?

Knowre began in 2008 as a popular after-school math academy in South Korea that focused on providing a personalized, assessment-based learning experience to each student. As the academy grew in popularity, it became increasingly difficult to deliver a personalized learning experience to every student.

We sought out tools to enhance our ability to personalize learning for our rapidly growing student body, but realized that such a tool did not exist. So, we decided to build our own tool that would bring this vision to life. We founded Knowre in 2012 with the mission of delivering an engaging and personalized learning experience to students around the globe.

+ What is the name of the mustached character?

His name is Dr. Doug and he serves as Knowre’s math coach!

Getting started

+ Do you offer a free trial for homeschool users?

At this time, we do not offer a free trial for homeschool users. For more information about the product, please visit the homeschool page

+ How do I sign up for Knowre?

To sign up for Knowre, first purchase an annual license from one of our partners. Upon purchase, you will receive an access code and instructions on how to create an account. 

+ How much does Knowre for Homeschool cost?

Through August 31, 2017, we are offering an introductory price of just $29/student/year! But act fact – this price is good only through August 31, 2017. Buy annual license from the homeschool buyer’s coop.

+ Is Knowre for Homeschool available outside the U.S.?

Knowre is offered in English only. 

+ Do I have to download any software?

No, you do not need to download any software since Knowre is a web-based product. A high speed internet connection is required to access Knowre. 

If you would like to access Knowre using your iPad, please first download the app by searching for Knowre for Homeschools on the Apple app store.

Knowre features

+ What is the Walk Me Through?

Walk Me Through is a feature that supports the student go through the problem solving process. When a student is stuck, he or she can click on the “Walk Me Through” button located above Dr. Doug on the left side of the screen for help. This feature will break the problem down step-by-step, mimicking the way a teacher would work with a student one-on-one. At many steps throughout the problem solving process, Knowre provides short instructional videos that students can access to receive support. Students must show what they know through the steps and the program provides feedback on their answers. Students who practice with Walk Me Through double their chance of success when reattempting skills!

+ How do I monitor my child’s progress?

You can log into your child’s account and view the progress reports for each curriculum. You can view achievement and progress for each chapter and lesson and click into each lesson index card to view performance by question.

Knowre curriculum

+ What math curricula does Knowre currently offer?

Knowre currently offers Pre-Algebra, Algebra I,  Geometry, and Algebra II.

iPad app

+ Do you have an app for homeschool users?

Yes! Knowre is available in a native iPad app. Please download the iPad app by going to the App store and searching for “Knowre for Homeschool.” You must first purchase an annual license in order to access the product.

+ Do you have an android app?

No, at this time, Knowre is available in a native iPad app only.

+ What iPad operating system is required to run the Knowre app?

The app requires iOS 8.1 or later, but iOS 9+ is recommended. Devices should be iPad 2 or newer and bandwidth should be at least 1Mbps per student.

+ Will the Knowre app run on all generations of the iPad?

Knowre for Homeschools iPad app will only run on iPad 2 or later models.

Technical support

+ What are the system requirements to run Knowre?

+ Can I use Knowre on any computer?

Yes! Knowre is cloud-based so it is compatible with any device. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Please note, we do not support Internet Explorer or Edge and we recommend using a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook for optimal user experience.

+ I'm having issues with a graphing problem.

If you are unable to manipulate a graph, move a dot on a number line, or select items on a figure, please go through our Graphing Troubleshooting Guide. The likely cause is that your browser or operating system zoom is not set at 100%. If you continue to have problems even after going through the guide, please contact us at

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