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About Knowre

+ How do you pronounce Knowre and what does it mean?

Say “Nori,” like the seaweed. Knowre, phonetically, is the Korean word for “play.” We are focused on making learning fun and engaging for students!

+ How long has Knowre been around?

Knowre began in 2008 as a popular after-school math academy in South Korea that focused on providing a personalized, assessment-based learning experience to each student. As the academy grew in popularity, it became increasingly difficult to deliver a personalized learning experience to every student.

We sought out tools to enhance our ability to personalize learning for our rapidly growing student body, but realized that such a tool did not exist. So, we decided to build our own tool that would bring this vision to life. We founded Knowre in 2012 with the mission of delivering an engaging and personalized learning experience to students around the globe.

+ What is the name of the mustached character?

His name is Dr. Doug and he serves as Knowre’s math coach!

Account-related questions

+ I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

On the log-in page, click on “Forgot password?” Enter the username and parent email address associated with the account and an email will be sent to the parent email address with a link to reset the password. For security purposes, the link will expire in 10 minutes.

+ I forgot my username. How do I retrieve it?

On the log-in page, click on “Forgot username?” Enter the parent email address associated with the account and an email will be sent with your username. 

+ How do I know when my child's subscription expires?

Log in to your child’s account. From the basecamp, click on the username in the upper right hand corner and then click ‘user profile.’ You’ll be able to view the expiration date, which is one year from the date you signed your child up for the account.

+ How do I change the password?

Log in to your account. Click on the username on the upper right hand corner. From the drop-down menu, click change password. Note, you will need to confirm your current password before you are able to change your password.

+ Do I need to pay for access to the Knowre for Homeschool iPad app?

Your Knowre for Homeschool subscription includes access to both the web version and the iPad app. To access Knowre for Homeschool, login using your username and password. If you are not yet a customer, please learn about how you can purchase a Knowre for Homeschool subscription here.

+ Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

Please contact the retailer you bought the Knowre license from for more information about refunds.

Knowre features

+ What is the Walk Me Through?

Walk Me Through is a feature that supports students as they go through the problem solving process. When a student is stuck, he or she can click on the “Walk Me Through” button located above Dr. Doug on the left side of the screen for help. This feature will break the problem down step-by-step, mimicking the way a teacher would work with a student one-on-one. At many steps throughout the problem solving process, Knowre provides short instructional videos that students can access to receive support. Students must show what they know through the steps and the program provides feedback on their answers. Students who practice with Walk Me Through double their chance of success when reattempting skills!

+ What are coins and stars? How do I earn them?

Knowre’s achievement system rewards students for their hard work and motivates students to master math concepts and skills. Here’s how it works:

  • Coins
    • A student will begin Knowre with 100 coins, but each lesson will cost 10 coins to unlock. Students earn coins by answering questions
    • For each question they answer correctly on their first or second try, they will receive three coins
    • If a student clicks on the Walk Me Through button for help, or answers Walk Me Through steps incorrectly, they will “pay” coins for support. Students are always encouraged to retry questions in order to earn all three coins and continue practicing their skills (new questions with similar concepts will appear)
    • Students do not “pay” coins for accessing video support
  • Stars
    • Students accumulate up to three stars per lesson
    • One star is achieved after 30% of the total possible coins are earned, two stars after 60% of the total possible coins are earned, and three stars after 90% of total possible coins are earned
    • Stars illustrate how a student performed on a particular lesson. Students can track the coins and stars they earn within their progress report. Students can also track the coins they earn in their lesson index. Stars can be tracked on the map itself

+ How do I monitor my child’s progress?

Log into your child’s account. From the basecamp, click on the progress report for the curriculum you wish to view.  You can view achievement and progress for each chapter and lesson and click into each lesson index card to view performance by question.

+ Does my child have to progress in order or can they skip around the curriculum?
Knowre is a complete curriculum and chapters and lessons do build upon one another as students move through the program.However, Knowre is also designed to be a flexible open world, which means your child can start from any chapter or lessons within the main curriculum, and freely jump around between topics and lessons. In order to unlock lessons, students will need to spend 10 coins.

Knowre curriculum

+ What math curricula does Knowre currently offer?

Knowre currently offers Pre-Algebra, Algebra I,  Geometry, and Algebra II. 

+ What topics do you cover in each curriculum?

For detailed information about the topics and skills covered in each curriculum, please view the Curriculum Resources section. 

Inputting answers

+ What answer formats will Knowre accept?

When inputting responses into the answer field, the rule is to put an answer in the same form as the question. The answer should also be in the most simplified form, unless otherwise specified.

Other tips for answer formatting:

  • No double signs unless forced by answer form (e.g. 4-(-2) should be written as 4+2)
  • Fractions reduced
  • Like terms must be combined
  • Evaluate exponents
  • No radicals in the denominator (after the skill has been learned)
  • Radicals should be reduced (after the skill has been learned)
  • No decimals in fractions
  • No fractions within fractions
  • Repeating decimals must be written with an over bar using as few digits as possible
  • For solutions of problem with double signs, parentheses must be used between signs. For example, if asked to use the distributive property simplify the expression -2(x+7), the solution to -2(x+7) can be written as -2x-14 or -2x+(-14), but -2x+-14 cannot be accepted.

+ I'm having trouble with graphing. Can you help?

On graphing questions, first select the appropriate graph type from the graphing palette, then move the points around.

If you want to remove a line or point in the graph, click on the desired line or point and when it turns green, click on the ‘x’ below the graph to remove the point or line.

If you are unable to manipulate a graph, move a dot on a number line, or select items on a figure, please go through our Graphing Troubleshooting Guide. The likely cause is that your browser or operating system zoom is not set at 100%. If you continue to have problems even after going through the guide, please contact us at

iPad app

+ Do you have an app for homeschool users?

Yes! Please download the iPad app by going to the App store and searching for “Knowre for Homeschool.” You must first purchase an annual license in order to access the product.

+ Do you have an android app?

No, at this time, we offer a native app for the iPad only.

+ What iPad operating system is required to run the Knowre app?

The app requires iOS 8.1 or later, but iOS 9+ is recommended. We also recommend devices that are iPad2 or newer generations. Bandwidth requirement is 1 Mbps per student.








+ Will the Knowre app run on all generations of the iPad?

Knowre for Homeschool iPad app will only run on iPad 2 or later models.

+ What are tips for writing on the iPad app?

As a general rule, students should write clearly and neatly. Double check to make sure handwriting was recognized correctly before clicking on “Solve It.” More specifics can be found below.

  • Writing Numbers
    • All decimal values must have a digit in the ones place and a clear decimal point (e.g. 0.8, not .8).
    • When writing 1 or 7, use straight lines without adding the serifs (tips) as used in more ornate fonts. Cross the 7 with a line so it is not interpreted as 1.
    • Be sure to print your numbers and letters as clearly as possible, and make sure you are not writing in cursive.
    • Be careful of spacing and the location of the input. For example, if the answer is a double-digit number such as 36, make sure the 3 and 6 are next to each other in a line. If the 6 is higher or lower than the 3, the answer may not be recognized correctly.
  • Writing Symbols and Expressions
    • Multiplication: Use an x (not a dot) when expressing multiplication of numbers (e.g. 2 x 5). Use a dot when expressing multiplication of variables (a * b). If you cannot get the x or dot to work for multiplication, you can always use parentheses.
    • Writing the variable x sometimes presents an issue when combined with multiplication symbols. If you cannot write the variable x, try writing it in a curvy style or in cursive.
    • Division: Either / or ÷ will work when expressing divisions. When entering exponents, make sure the exponent is written significantly above the base.
    • For longer expressions, be sure that they fit in the answer input space in a single line.
    • For solutions of problem with double signs, parentheses must be used between signs. For example, if asked to use the distributive property simplify the expression -2(x+7), the solution to -2(x+7) can be written as -2x-14 or -2x+(-14), but -2x+-14 cannot be accepted.

+ Does my child need to sign up again on the iPad app?

No. Students should have only one username and password with Knowre. That username will work on both the Knowre for Homeschool app and on the web version.

+ How do students enter answers on the app?

The app uses a unique text recognition software. Students are able to write directly on the iPad using their fingers or a stylus. Instead of typing in their answers, students will tap the answer box and then write their answer in the answer box at the bottom. Our program will then convert their handwriting into typed numbers and symbols.

+ Will my child need paper and pencil to work out his/her answers?

No. The app includes a scratch pad feature with text recognition software where students can write out their work. To access the scratch pad, tap the scratch pad icon. Student need to close the scratch pad before entering answers in the answer box. Their work will still appear on the page for reference, but closing the scratch pad will allow them to access the answer field.

Technical support

+ What are the system requirements to run Knowre?



+ Can I use Knowre on any computer?

Yes! Knowre is cloud-based so it is compatible with any device. All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Please note, we do not support Internet Explorer or Edge.

+ Where should I report bugs, errors, or issues?

If you notice a bug, error, or issue in the program, please report it via email at

Please be sure to include a screenshot of the bug (where applicable) and describe the bug as best as you can so that we can recreate the issue on our end. Please also include as much information about the computer/device and browser you were using when the issue occurred. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to identify the problem and provide a solution.

+ There are long pauses while I'm watching the videos. What's wrong with the video?

This is most likely due to intermittent connectivity issues and/or other environmental factors that are affecting the internet connection. If you are experiencing such pauses, you may want to check on your internet connection first. If everything is in order, then try refreshing the page to reload the video.

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