Knowre is hands down the most appealing high school math help we have ever come across. It’s clever, flexible, appealing, and can be accessed on a desktop, laptop, or with an app.

Erin DThe Usual Mayhem
My child’s testimonial: double thumbs up with a smile. He now completes his math without complaint. I have noticed that he is much more relaxed in solving math problems when he is using Knowre.

Amy MRock Your Homeschool

My daughter is just now entering the world of upper level maths. She’s been excited to get feedback on math as she’s working through it. If she runs across a problem she doesn’t remember how to work, it doesn’t just tell her she’s right or wrong. It asks her questions to get her heading in the right direction.

BetsyFamily Style Schooling
I only thought we’d try out the Knowre iPad app to see how it works, and two of my kids LOVE doing their math on the iPad now. The interface is great. I love that Knowre online math is self-grading. I also love that they have several tries to get their math right.

TiciaAdventures in Mommydom

I think Knowre should be useful in a number of situations. A student who has a shaky foundation in a previous course should benefit from working through Knowre before tackling the next math course. Students shifting from one publisher’s course to different publisher might find Knowre a helpful bridge in case topics have been presented differently or were skipped. In addition, a student struggling with the way a particular concept is taught within their core curriculum might find a different method of presentation such as Knowre’s more helpful for mastering that concept. Finally, students who just need extra practice can get plenty of it with Knowre without getting frustrated or stuck.

Cathy DuffyCathy Duffy Reviews

We discovered Knowre through the Coop. My son absolutely loves it. He is finding their geometry to be the perfect challenge. I find that this program leaves no gaps and follows a great sequence.

H. KaiserHahnHomeschool Buyer's Co-op Member
One of the worse moments for me … is when my child is stuck and I can’t help. The Walk Me Through feature had me jumping for joy! I know I can provide my children with the tools they need to succeed.

JenPractical, by Default

Knowre goes beyond the basic practice questions. Yes, they include them, but they take it one step further by using real-life examples. I don’t know about you, but my teen wants to know why? When would he use that? Having real life problems to work through allows the student to see how that skill can be beneficial to them.

Heidi CStarts at Eight

The best part of the Knowre system is the Walk Me Through approach. I have always been great at math… but I just had no idea how to jump in partway through and pick up where my daughter was. It’s actually helped me “learn how to teach” a lot better, just using it along with my daughter.

Joan CUnschool Rules
Knowre is a simple way to allow teens and tweens to develop independent learning skills. Bonus: Frees up mom’s time, too!.

Judy HContented at Home