Monitoring Your Learning

Progress Report

Use the Progress Report feature to monitor your achievement and completion of Lessons and Chapters. Progress Reports can be accessed from the Base Camp Lobby

How to access the progress report


  • To access the curriculum progress report, go to the Base Camp and click on the curriculum name on the left hand side of the screen, under ‘Progress Report’



  • Or, from the curriculum map, click on ‘View Progress’ on the top left side of the screen

Overview of the Progress Report


Curriculum progress and achievement

  • View curriculum progress and achievement score at the top, below the image of the map
  • Chapter achievement score is the average of all chapter achievement scores within the curriculum. Un-attempted chapters count as 0%
  • Completion percentage is % of chapters completed within the curriculum
  • The smaller the difference between the achievement and completion score, the better your performance


Chapter data

  • View your achievement and completion percentages for each chapter in the bar graph
  • The green indicates achievement and the blue indicates completion. The smaller the gap between these two colors on the bar graph, the better you are doing in that particular chapter


Lesson data

  • Click on the Chapter numbers on the x-axis of the graph to view lesson data below the bar graph
  • View the number of stars earned in each lesson as well as your achievement and completion percentages for each lesson
  • You can also enter lessons directly from the Progress Report by clicking Go

Overview of the Lesson Index

  • From the Lesson Index, you can view the coins earned on each problem as well as the stars earned on that lesson
  • If any question has fewer than three coins, try the question again to earn all three coins

How scores are calculated

  • Your percentage scores in Knowre reflect the number of coins you have earned
  • Each question is worth up to 100 points (3 coins= 100 points; 2 coins= 66 points; 1 coins= 33 points; 0 coins= 0 points). The total points you earn in a lesson is divided by the total number of questions in that lesson in order to produce your Achievement percentage
  • In order to improve your lesson score, retry questions to earn more coins. Your Achievement scores are calculated based on your last attempt on each problem
  • Use the stars on the map to see where you need to continue working or need extra practice. The goal is to earn three stars on every lesson. The more coins you earn the more stars you will earn