Learning Structure

Knowre provides an interactive learning experience that features topics-based lessons, step-by-step instruction, real-life application problems, videos, comics, and more.

  • Lessons include introductory comics, direct instructional videos, practice, and application problems
  • Earn up to three coins on each question, and up to three stars on each lesson
  • If you’re stuck on a problem, access step-by-step support by clicking on ‘Walk Me Through’ or watch the support videos
  • For additional practice, you can try each question again. You’ll practice the same skill, but get a slightly different question

Feature highlights

Learn about some of Knowre’s key features to get the most out of your Knowre experience!

Base Camp


  • Students enter Knowre through the Base Camp
  • From the Base Camp, students can choose their curriculum (by clicking on the curriculum card) and monitor their progress via the curriculum-based Progress Reports

Navigating the curricula

  • Knowre is an open world that students can easily navigate. Enter the desired curriculum by using the drop down menu at the top center of the screen or click on one of the curriculum cards



  • Click on the node on the map to enter the desired lesson or click on a lesson on the table of contents
  • You will need to pay 10 coins to unlock each lesson. As long as you have enough coins, you can open any lesson. Earn coins by solving problems correctly or with some support from the Walk Me Through



  • Once you have entered a lesson, you can return to the map by using the drop-down menu at the top or clicking on ‘Exit to the map’


  • Within a question, return to the Lesson Index by selecting the dot matrix in the upper left corner
  • To return to the Base Camp Lobby, simply click on the Knowre logo

Walk Me Through

  • Many of Knowre’s practice and application problems include a Walk Me Through button
  • Click the button to access personalized step-by-step support that will help you solve the problem when you are stuck
  • If you need to review previously learned concepts, Knowre will ‘take a step back’ and review those concepts

  • Click on the video icon to watch short instructional videos that will review the skill covered in that specific sub-step
  • Click ‘I can solve it now’ to minimize the support at any point you are ready to submit your answer

Coins and Stars


  • Earn up to three coins for each question
  • Earn all three coins by answering the question correctly without support
  • Earn 2 or less coins by accessing the Walk Me Through, or by entering incorrect answers within the Walk Me Through step-by-step support. You do not pay coins for watching the videos
  • All Knowre questions can be re-attempted, continuously providing you with a fresh opportunity to earn all three coins


  • Stars are earned for each lesson and is based on the number of coins earned in that lesson. You can earn up to 3 stars for each lesson and you can view the star total on the curriculum map or within the curriculum progress report
  • One star is achieved after 30% of the total possible coins are earned, two stars after 60% of the total possible coins are earned, and three stars after 90% of total possible coins are earned