Monitor Your Learning

Use Knowre’s Progress Reports to monitor your achievement and assignments.

Lessons Tab

  • Access your Progress Report for each curriculum by clicking on the curriculum name on the right side of the BaseCamp.
  • The Lessons tab displays your achievement and completion percentages for each lesson.
  • Check out the number of stars you earned in each lesson. You should always go back and retry lessons where you did not earn the full 3 stars.

Assignments Tab

  • Use the Assignments tab to check out which assignments you have waiting and when they are due.
  • See your achievement and completion percentages on each assignment.

Score Calculation

  • Your lesson achievement scores are calculated based on the number of coins you have earned for that lesson. Each question is worth up to 100 points. Knowre takes the total number of points earned divided by the number of questions there are in the lesson.
    • 3 Coins = 100 points
    • 2 Coins = 66 points
    • 1 Coin = 33 points
    • 0 Coins = 0 points
  • Improve your lesson score by retrying questions to earn more coins. Your performance on your last attempt of a question is the one that counts.