Solving Questions

Walk Me Through

Knowre’s Walk Me Through offers support as you answer questions. This support is interactive and modeled off of the way you would work with your teacher. You can select the Walk Me Through button when you need help, or you will be taken to it automatically if you answer the question incorrectly.

How it works




  • In the Walk Me Through you will receive guidance that will take you through the steps of solving the problem. You will pay one coin in order to access the support, but can earn it back later by retrying the question.
  • In order to build up your skills you will need to interact with the Walk Me Through by entering answers when asked.
  • Be sure to open videos if you need them for extra support.
  • When you are ready to try the question again, you can minimize the Walk Me Through with the “I can solve it now!” button.
  • Students can always minimize the Walk Me Through once they are ready to try to problem again by clicking “I can solve it now.”
  • Keep in mind that students will earn less coins by accessing the Walk Me Through for support. However, at the end of each problem, they are given the opportunity to “Try again” and re-attempt the problem without support and earn 3 coins.

Entering an answer

Answering an open-ended question in Knowre is made easy with a simple math palette that helps to provide math inputs that are not available on a regular computer keyboard.

How to use the math palette




  • Our simple math palettes appear as soon as you place your mouse in the answer input box.
  • Simply select the necessary symbols needed to express your answer appropriately.
  • Note: If there is a symbol that is not found on the math palette, then it is on your keyboard.


Knowre includes many questions which give students a chance to practice their graphing skills.

How to graph




  • Each graphing problem provides a slightly different version of the tool to help you express your response appropriately.
  • If there is a graphing palette on the right side of the page, first select the appropriate graph you would like to use and then manipulate it on the screen.
  • If there is no graphing palette on the page, simply manipulate the graph by clicking and dragging the points.
  • In certain problems you will also be able to change points and lines to open or make them dotted using the palette made available below the graph.
  • To express limits, drag the bar underneath the graph.
  • To clear the graph and start again, simply click x.
  • If a point turns red you will need to click it to turn it green before it will move.

Number lines

Expressing your answer on a number line is extremely easy too. Here’s how.

How to manipulate the number line




  • Simply click and drag the point(s) to reposition in the appropriate spot.
  • Select “Change Open/Close” to modify the point.
  • Change directions by selecting “Change Direction.”