Success Stories

Knowre’s flexibility empowers teachers to tailor the program
to address varying classroom and student needs.

Support and Engage Students

“Knowre helps my students build foundational skills without feeling like they are being talked down to.”

Lonny Cruff
Secondary Math Teacher — Nunapitchuk, Alaska

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Math Intervention

“Knowre has changed the face of Tier 2 classes across our entire district.”

Rosalind Kline
Secondary Math Teacher & Intervention Specialist — Darien, Illinois

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Address Knowledge Gaps

“I use Knowre’s granular-level reporting to assign lessons in Knowre that focus on each student’s areas of weakness.”

Alan Speer
Middle School Math Teacher — Sandusky, Ohio

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Reinforce Key Concepts

“I use Knowre as a supplement to reinforce materials that students have already learned in class.”

Paul Payne
High School Math Teacher — Los Angeles, California

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Summer Math Remediation

“Students liked the game-like environment of Knowre, as opposed to a program that is mostly ‘guess-and-click.'”

Brenda Lynch
Secondary Math Instructional Specialist — New Caney, Texas

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Increase Math Confidence

“Knowre helps my students learn how to learn, and the self-confidence this gives them carries outside of math.”

Jessica Bankenbush
High School Math Teacher — Racine, Wisconsin

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Independent Study

“My students like the change of pace working on a program that allows them to go at their own pace.”

Debbie Linman
Secondary Math Teacher — Reedley, CA

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Differentiate Instruction

“The information I recieve helps me to either teach directly to individual students or create smaller groups.”

Danielle Kostevich
Middle School Math Teacher — San Jose, California

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“Knowre is a great way to teach the students to take their education into their own hands.”

Rosaline Williams
Middle School Math Teacher — Yuma, Arizona

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Knowre covers Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.