Knowre for Independent Study

The Challenge

With a group of Honors Math students who were breezing through the core 7th grade curriculum, Rosaline was looking for an engaging program that would offer students a chance to challenge themselves with new material while learning independent study skills.

The Solution

How do you use Knowre in your classroom?

The first 40-minutes or so of class is spent on the core 7th grade math curriculum. Then, I have my students get on their computers for 15-20 minutes on Knowre every day. Since these are advanced kids, we usually get through the core lesson pretty quickly, so I’m using Knowre as a separate online class on top of the core curriculum. I have the kids learn a lesson on their own from Knowre, then have them come to me with questions. I usually assign 1 or 2 lessons per week, which they will work on in class each day. Whatever is left is assigned as homework to be completed at home.

How are you using the data in the Teacher Dashboard?

The data is really helpful. The color coding is awesome. At a glance, it’s very easy to see how my students are doing. I look at the data every day and tell my students that I see this and that and then we’ll talk about what’s going on. By giving them feedback, we can address where they’re having trouble. I’ll sometimes see if their scores haven’t gone up or if they haven’t worked on a lesson and use that data to address problem areas as well.

The Result

How has Knowre impacted your classroom?

My students are really excited to work on their own. Knowre is a great way to teach the students to take their education into their own hands and not depend on their teachers.

“Knowre is a great way to teach the students to take their education into their own hands.”

Rosaline Williams, Middle School Math Teacher, Castle Dome Middle School

Castle Dome Middle School Quick Facts

    • Location: Yuma, Arizona
    • Public school
    • 762 middle school students

Computing Capacity

    • Macbook carts + BYOD to supplement

Knowre Usage

    • 5 days a week for 15-20 minutes + homework

Knowre Implementation

    • For helping students practice independent learning
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