Knowre as Intervention Curriculum

The Challenge

AACPA’s high school math department was on the lookout for an intervention curriculum for their Math Fundamentals class. They were looking for a tool to support low-achieving students; one that would engage their students and raise test scores. AACPA teachers and students were disappointed with their existing software and looked to Knowre for improved results.

The Solution

How do you use Knowre in your classroom?

I’m using Knowre as our main “textbook” and for filling the students’ learning gaps. We are using Knowre’s “Deep Dive” capabilities to increase student understanding and are working on practice problems to reinforce learned topics. Knowre’s problems are excellent, and there are a wealth of problem types. Our classes are equipped with Smart Boards, so I begin each class by playing the short lesson video on the smart board, then going over the lesson with the class. I’ll answer any questions the students have, then have them go into the practice module in Knowre.

The Result

How has Knowre benefitted you and your students?

Overall, the program has offered valuable assistance with the assessment of Algebra building blocks. Another result is the increased enthusiasm for learning math amongst the students. The feedback from students has been very positive and the students look forward to visiting the lab.

“The feedback from students has been very positive and the students look forward to visiting the lab.”

Ron Martin, Math Teacher, Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy

AACPA Quick Facts

    • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Public charter – Cox Model Technology School
    • 300 high school students

Computing Capacity

    • Macbook carts; Computer lab; Smart boards

Knowre Usage

    • 4 days a week for entire class period

Knowre Implementation

    • For use as a stand-alone intervention curriculum
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