Achievement System

Leverage Knowre’s achievement system to motivate students and check their understanding of concepts and skills.

Score Calculation

  • Knowre calculates student achievement based on a system of coins and stars.
  • The number of coins and stars a student has earned reflect a student’s performance on their most recent attempt on a problem, lesson, or chapter. The only exception is in the Assignments tab of the Teacher Dashboard, where scores freeze at the due date.
  • Students will always be able to see their coin and star count on the top menu bar.


Coins form the basis for Knowre’s achievement system. Students earn coins when they complete questions.

  • Students can earn a maximum of 3 coins per question. They will receive all 3 coins when they answer the question correctly without support and on their first or second try.
  • Students are given 2 initial attempts per problem. They will lose coins if incorrect answers are entered beyond that point. Students also lose coins if they use the Walk Me Through. You can frame it as “paying a fee” to access the support.
  • If students didn’t earn all 3 coins on a problem, encourage them to retry the question for additional practice. On a retry, students will receive an entirely new problem for the opportunity to earn up to 3 coins. If 2 coins are initially earned on a problem, then a maximum of 1 more coin can be earned on a retry.
  • It is possible to lose coins! If 3 coins are initially earned on a question and 2 coins are earned on a retry, then the student will lose a coin. Remember, the achievement system is reflective of a student’s last attempt.
  • Student lesson achievement scores is calculated based on the number of coins you have earned for that lesson. Each question is worth up to 100 points. Knowre takes the total number of points earned divided by the number of questions there are in the lesson.
    • 3 Coins = 100 points
    • 2 Coins = 66 points
    • 1 Coin = 33 points
    • 0 Coins = 0 points


  • Stars reflect student achievement on a lesson and are calculated based on the number of coins earned.
    • 3 Stars = 90%+ of possible coins earned
    • 2 Stars = 60%-89% of possible coins earned
    • 1 Star = 30%-59% of possible coins earned
    • 0 Stars = 0%-29% of possible coins earned
  • Both coins and stars provide students with easily accessible feedback information that they can use to decide what items they need to continue practicing. Students can view how many coins they have earned per question and their star achievement on lesson index pages.

Class Achievement

  • You can view the total number of coins and stars your class has earned on the Overview page of the Teacher Dashboard.
  • Setting a class coin or star goal is a great way to motivate students to keep practicing. Many teachers like to provide additional incentives, for example, a class pizza party if 5,000 coins are cumulatively earned in a month.
  • Students can track their individual coin practice over time with Knowre’s printable coin tracker.