Assigning lessons in Knowre is simple and easy!

Assigning a lesson or Knowre-generated adaptive Review


  • Once in your class on the Teacher Dashboard, click on the Assignments menu, then select “+ New Assignment.”
  • Select either “Lesson” or “Review” on the right hand side.
  • Complete required fields.
  • Lesson: While students will be able to continue to retry the Lesson content even after the due date, the grades will freeze within the Assignment page as of the due date and time.
  • Review: Students can exit and re-enter the 12 Question Review to continue working, but they will not have access to the Review after the specified due date and time.


 To edit or delete an assignment:


  • Choose the assignment from the list.
  • Click on the gear icon next to the Assignment’s name.
  • Follow prompts to either edit or delete the assignment.
  • You can edit the due date and time, as well as the student(s) that the work is being assigned to.

How to monitor student assignments

All Knowre assignments can be monitored for completion and achievement. Data will update in real time until the assigned due date and time, at which point the data will freeze to provide a snapshot of the student’s performance.

Assignments List


  • On the left half of the Assignments page is a list of all the assignments you have assigned to the students in that class.
  • To monitor the progress of a specific Lesson or Review Assignment, select it from the list.


Summary tab


  • Displays assignment details (number of problems, due date)
  • Includes information about student action on the assignment


In Detail tab


  • Displays student achievement (green) and completion (blue) in graph and percentage formats
  • Sortable by clicking on “Achvmt.” or “Complt.”
  • Note: Lesson assignment data along with student achievement scores continue to update in real-time on the Overview and Close-Up pages of your Teacher Dashboard.