Creating an Assignment

To create an assignment, begin by going to the Teacher Dashboard and choosing a class. Then, click on the Assignments tab followed by the +New Assignment button.

You now have the option to assign either a Lesson or Review.

  • Choose Lesson to assign all the questions in a given lesson to students. When choosing lessons to assign to your students, please note that you can assign multiple lessons at a time and they do not have to be in sequential order.
  • Review assignments are adaptive. Each student in your class will receive a set of 12 questions based on the gaps that Knowre has found in their knowledge. You can expand or limit the Review questions by editing the Scope. For more information on how the Review works, refer to the Review Assignments FAQ.

Finally, select a due date and time for the assignment and select the students to assign it to. You can either select All to give the assignment to every student in your class, or select individual students to give it to.

Edit or Delete Assignments

  • Choose the assignment you wish to edit or delete from the list.
  • Click on the gear icon next to the Assignment’s name.
  • Follow prompts to either edit or delete the assignment.
  • You can edit the due date and time, as well as the student(s) that the work is being assigned to.

Student Notification of Assignments

There are several ways for students to be notified of their assignments.

In the Basecamp, curricula with active assignments will appear in a red bubble with the number of pending assignments.

Once inside a curricula, your students will see their assignments indicated on the map itself with purple pencils. Assignments will also be reflected in the Assignments tab on the left hand side of the map interface.

Monitoring Assignments and Data

All Knowre assignments can be monitored for completion and achievement. Data will update in real time until the assigned due date and time, at which point the data will freeze to provide a snapshot of the student’s performance.

On the left half of the Assignments page is a list of all the assignments you have assigned to the students in that class. To monitor the progress of a specific Lesson or Review Assignment, select it from the list.

The Summary Tab displays assignment details such as the number or problems and submissions.

The In Detail Tab breaks assignments down into individual student performance.

  • Student performance is broken down into achievement (green) and completion (blue), displayed in graph and percentage format.
  • Columns are sortable by clicking on Achvmt. or Complt.
  • Note that once the due date of the assignment has passed, students’ scores will freeze. If they continue to work on the assignment independently, their progress will be reflected in the Student Progress tab. Thus, it is possible for a student to have different scores for the same lesson, depending if you are looking at the Assignments tab or the Student Progress tab.