Class & Student Management

Knowre’s Teacher Dashboard includes a number of administrative features that makes managing classes and students that much easier.

Create a Class

  • Click Create a Class.
  • Select the curriculum and enter a class name.
  • Note the Class Code in the upper right hand corner once the class is created, your students will need this code in order to join your class.

Edit or Delete a Class

  • Select the class you want to delete.
  • On the far right of the screen, there is a gear icon. Clicking on the icon will give you the option to Edit Class Name or Delete this Class.
  • Please note that students must be connected to a class in order to log into Knowre. If students will still be using Knowre, be sure they are in enrolled in a new class before deleting.

Signing Students Up for Multiple Classes

There are many instances when it will be necessary for students to be enrolled in multiple Knowre classes. For example, you might want to track students’ progress across multiple curricula.
  • Create a new class in the Teacher Dashboard and provide the students you wish to enroll with the Class Code.
  • Students should log in, select their name in the upper right hand corner, and enter the code in the Join a Class field.
  • Once students have entered the code, you will need to accept them in the Class Roster at the bottom of the Overview page of the Teacher Dashboard.
  • Any work the students have already completed in that curriculum will populate automatically.

Reset Student Password, Move a Student, Remove a Student

  • Navigate to the Class Roster at the bottom of the Overview page.
  • Click on the > icon next to the student’s name that you wish to edit. You will be given the options to Reset Student Password, Move to Another Class, or Remove from Class.
  • Follow the prompts accordingly.