Dashboard Data

At the core of Knowre is granular and actionable data.
Dive into the data available on the Teacher Dashboard.

Overview Page

The Overview page provides a snapshot of the selected class’s achievement and progress through the curricula.

  • The graphs at the top of the page provide an overview of how the entire class is doing.
  • The table at the bottom half of the page shows detailed information about each student’s activities in Knowre. The table columns are sortable!
  • The Assignments column shows how many active assignments have been completed (check mark) and how many active assignments are outstanding (pencil icon).

Student Progress Page

  • The Student Progress page provides a color-coded overview of student and class achievement at the lesson level.
  • Remember to refresh the screen to see updated data as students work through the program.

Student Progress Page: Color Settings

The Student Progress is color-coded so you can quickly identify students or topics that require additional attention. You can modify the range of scores associated with each color by clicking on Color Settings button in the upper right corner.

  • Blank: Student has not started the lesson.
  • Gray: Student has begun the lesson, but has not completed it. The score in gray boxes are reflective of student performance in relation to how much of the lesson they’ve completed.
  • Green or Orange: Student has completed the lesson and the color reflects their achievement in that lesson as a whole.

Student Progress Page: Sorting and Viewing Data

  • Sort data into increasing or decreasing order by clicking on the lesson number.
  • Switch chapters by choosing a chapter number from the horizontal chapter list.
  • Hover over a lesson score to reveal the corresponding lesson topic.

Curriculum Closeup Page

The Curriculum Closeup page provides class and student data at the individual question, skill, and sub-skill levels.

On the left is a list of every chapter in the curricula. Click on a chapter to expand it to all the lessons within.

You can also expand lessons to see a list of all the questions within. Selecting a question will show you which students attempted the question and the number of coins they earned. Remember, students lose coins if they use the Walk Me Through or if put in wrong answers. Thus, students who have earned one or no coins on a problem show that they need to revisit the question.

Questions can also be expanded to show a list of all the Walk Me Through steps within the problem. At this level, you can see which students used the Walk Me Through and whether they answered the Walk Me Through steps correctly (denoted by green checks or red x’s). This tier of the Curriculum Closeup is great for identifying sub-skills that students are struggling with.

Assignments Page

Learn more about Knowre’s assignments by clicking here.