Dashboard Transition

Seamlessly transition your students and data from year to year.

Create New Classes

Do not delete any classes just yet. If you delete classes before your students are connected with their new teacher’s Knowre account, they will not be able to log in. Instead, first create new classes to house your new students. 

  • Click Create a Class.
  • Select the curriculum and enter a class name.
  • Note the Class Code in the upper right hand corner once the class is created, your students will need this code in order to join your class.

Students Join New Classes

Have your new students join your new classes. Students should access their Knowre accounts with the same username and password they used from the previous year.

  • Provide the students you wish to enroll with the Class Code.
  • Students should log in, select their name in the upper right hand corner, and enter the code in the Join a Class field.
  • Once students have entered the code, you will need to accept them in the Class Roster at the bottom of the Overview page of the Teacher Dashboard.

Delete Your Old Classes (Optional)

Once all students in your school have joined at least one teacher’s class for the new school year, you can delete your old classes if you’d like.

  • Select the class you want to delete.
  • On the far right of the screen, there is a gear icon. Select Delete this Class.

Resetting Passwords

It is common for students to forget their usernames and passwords. If these students are currently enrolled in classes in your Dashboard, you are able to see their usernames and reset their passwords.

  • Navigate to the Class Roster at the bottom of the Overview page.
  • Click on the icon next to the student’s name that you wish to edit. You will be given the option to Reset Student Password.
  • Follow the prompts accordingly.

If the students are not currently connected to your Dashboard, you will need to ask their previous teacher. Alternatively, you can contact support@knowre.com and we’ll be happy to help you retrieve and reset this information.

New Student Accounts?

One benefit of the Knowre program is access to past student information. By keeping the same Knowre account year after year both students and teachers can see past data and use it to inform current and future practice.

If you DO NOT want access to this historical data, and would instead like students to start from scratch, you can have them create a new account. Please note, we will not be able to show data from a student’s previous account in their new one.