iPad App

Learn how to access and use Knowre for Schools iPad app

Accessing the app


  • To download, search for Knowre for Schools in the App Store and follow the download prompts.
  • Please note that the app will only run on iPad 2 or later models. Additionally, you will need iOS 8.0 or later.
  • The app is free for all Knowre customers for use in school and at home. Simply use your existing Knowre username and password to log in.


In-app scratch pad


  • The app includes a Scratch Pad feature where students can write out their work.
  • To access the scratch pad, tap the scratch pad icon.
  • Just be sure to let students know that they will need to close the scratch pad before entering answers in the answer box. Their work will still appear on the page for reference, but closing the scratch pad will allow them to access the answer field.


Answering questions


  • The app also uses the unique text recognition software for entering answers.
  • Instead of typing in their answers, students will tap the answer box and then write their answer in the answer box at the bottom. Our program will then convert their handwriting into typed numbers and symbols.


Additional Information

  • The Knowre for Schools iPad App includes the student experience only. To access the Teacher Dashboard please log into your account at www.knowre.com using a web browser.
  • To make the transition to text recognition as easy as possible, please review our handwriting tips in our Knowledge Base.