iPad App

The Knowre iPad app is free with all school subscriptions.
Use in class, at home, or on-the-go!

Download the App

  • The Knowre iPad app supports iPad 2 or later devices and iOS version 8.1+.
  • To download, search Knowre for Schools in the App Store and follow the download prompts.
  • You can use your existing username and password to log into the app.
  • Do not try to use Knowre on the web browser of your iPad. It will not work. You must download the app to use Knowre on iPad!

Scratch Pad

  • The Knowre iPad app includes a scratch pad feature where students can write out their work. To access it, tap the yellow Scratch Pad button on the left of the app. A grid of yellow dots will appear on the screen.
  • Students must close the scratch pad before entering answers in the answer box. Their work will still appear on the page for reference, but closing the scratch pad will allow them to access the answer field.

Handwriting Recognition

  • To enter an answer, tap the answer box and then write out the answer in the answer field at the bottom.
  • Knowre will convert handwriting into typed numbers and symbols.
  • Double check to make sure handwriting is recognized correctly before clicking Solve It. If not, use the edit tools in the answer field to adjust handwriting.

Answer Input Assistance

The Answer Input Assistance feature allows students to edit their answer if handwriting is not being recognized correctly.

Handwriting Tips

General Rules

  • Students should write clearly and neatly.
  • Double check to make sure handwriting was recognized correctly before clicking Solve It.

Writing Numbers

  • All decimal values must have a digit in the ones place and a clear decimal point (0.8, not .8).
  • When writing 1 or 7, do not add any serifs (tips). Cross the 7 with a line so it is not interpreted as 1.
  • Be careful of spacing and the location of the input. For example, if the answer is a double-digit number such as 36, make sure the 3 and 6 are next to each other in a line. If the 6 is higher or lower than the 3, the 6 may be recognized as an exponent.

Writing Symbols and Expressions

  • Use x  and not a dot when expressing multiplication of numbers (2 x 5). Use a dot when expressing multiplication of variables (a * b). If you cannot get the x or dot to work for multiplication, you can always use parentheses.
  • Writing the variable x sometimes presents an issue when combined with multiplication symbols. If the app does not recognize the variable x, try writing it in a curvy style.
  • When entering exponents, make sure the exponent is written significantly above the base.
  • Longer expressions should fit in the answer input space in a single line.
  • For solutions of problem with double signs, parentheses must be used between signs. For example, if asked to use the distributive property simplify the expression -2(x+7), the solution to -2(x+7) can be written as -2x-14 or -2x+(-14), but -2x+-14 cannot be accepted.