Monitoring Student Learning

Specific and actionable data is at the core of Knowre.
Data can be accessed through your Teacher Dashboard.

Teacher Dashboard > Overview


  • The Overview page of the selected class provides both a high-level and a detailed view of the class’s achievement and progress in the designated curriculum.
  • The graphs on the top part of the page provide the class overview, while the table in the bottom half of the page provides detailed information about each student’s activities in Knowre.
  • The total number of coins and stars accumulated in the curriculum by the students in the class can be seen at the top of the page.
  • The Assignments column shows how many active assignments have been completed (check mark) and how many active assignments are outstanding (pencil icon).


Class > Student Progress


  • After clicking on the class you’d like to view, click on the Student Progress menu.
  • Here you will find a color-coded overview that reflects student and class achievement at the lesson level.
  • Remember to refresh the screen to see continuously updated real-time data as students work through the program.


Class > Student Progress: Color Settings

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.04.14 AM

  • The Student Progress is color-coded so that teachers can quickly identify students or topics that require additional attention.
  • Blank= Student has not started the lesson.
  • Gray= Student has begun the lesson.
  • Green or Orange= Student has completed the lesson and the color reflects their achievement in that lesson.
  • You can modify the range of scores associated with each color by clicking on Color Settings.


Class > Student Progress: Sorting and Viewing Data


  • Sort data into increasing or decreasing order by clicking on the lesson number.
  • Switch chapters by clicking on the chapter number from the horizontal chapter list located right underneath the top level menus on the Student Progress page or by dragging the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Hover the cursor over a lesson score to reveal the corresponding lesson topic.


Class > Curriculum Close-Up


  • Click on the Curriculum Close-Up menu in the selected class and you will find data that reflects both class and student specific achievements at the skill and sub-skill levels.
  • Click on the (+) buttons to access more specific information for each chapter, lesson, skill and sub-skill.
  • Dashes indicate that a student has not answered a particular question or Walk Me Through step.


How to interpret the data

  • Class averages are provided at each lesson, problem, and knowledge unit level to help teachers interpret the current achievement status of the class overall. A lower class average will indicate one of two things, 1) either the students have not yet attempted the problem or 2) that they are struggling with the given lesson, problem, or knowledge unit.
  • At the lesson level, you will see each student achievement in Stars. This data gives you a sense of how the class and students are doing overall. Stars reflect the student’s percentage achievement within that lesson.
  • At the problem level, you will see each student achievement in Coins. This data indicates whether the student got the problem correct without any support (3 coins), with some (2 coins) or a lot of support (1 coin), or got it wrong (0 coins) even with all the help, or without getting help at all.
  • If a student is showing a low number of coins earned in the problem, you can click on the subskills, also known as “knowledge units,” to determine the concept which the student is having trouble with. Note that knowledge units are prerequisite concepts that are needed for students to solve the given problem, and not necessarily the main skill covered in that lesson.
  • A “ – “ indicates that the student has not yet attempted the lesson, problem, or knowledge unit and therefore there is no data point available.
  • Refresh the screen to see real-time data as students work.