Learning structure

Knowre’s standards-aligned curricula provide an enhanced, interactive learning experience featuring topic-based lessons, step-by-step instruction, real-life applications, videos, comics and much more.

Classroom curriculum designed to provide personalized support

  • Knowre’s complete curricula can be assigned in any order for the whole class and for differentiated and personalized instruction and practice for each student.
  • Lessons include introductory comics, direct instructional videos and practice and application problems.
  • Students solve questions, get step-by-step support, and earn rewards (stars and coins) as they progress.
  • Teachers can assign select lessons and individually targeted, adaptive reviews which address a student’s weaknesses across the curriculum and help fill learning gaps.

Feature highlights

Learn about some of Knowre’s key features to make the best out of your Knowre experience!

Walk Me Through


  • Many of Knowre’s practice and application problems come with the Walk Me Through feature, which provides personalized, step-by-step support to students while solving multi-step problems.
  • The Walk Me Through was modeled after the way a teacher works 1:1 with an individual student and offers scaffolded, interactive support along with hints and videos.
  • While students are working through the multi-step problem, Knowre identifies exactly where a student is having trouble and makes this data available for the teacher in the Teacher Dashboard.


BaseCamp Navigation


  • Teacher and student users enter Knowre through the Base Camp each time they log into the program.
  • Knowre is an open world which you can easily navigate using the drop down menu at the top center of the screen.
  • From Base Camp, users can choose their curriculum (by clicking on it), monitor their progress via the curriculum-based Progress Reports, and view outstanding assignments as indicated by a number which replaces the house icon.
  • To return to the Base Camp Lobby, simply click on the Knowre logo.


Coins and Stars


  • Students can earn up to three coins for each question they answer.
  • A student earns 3 coins by answering the question correctly without support.
  • Students earn 2 or less coins by accessing the Walk Me Through or by entering incorrect answers.
  • All Knowre questions can be re-attempted, continuously providing students with a fresh opportunity to earn all three coins.
  • Stars are earned on the basis of coins and appear on the curriculum map. Students can earn up to 3 stars for each lesson.



  • The bell in the upper right hand corner turns red when there is an active notification.
  • Notifications provide reminders about assignment due dates and lets you know when a student has requested to join your class.
  • To directly access the area the notification is pointing to, simply click “Go.”

System Requirements

Knowre is accessible from any computer with an internet browser and internet connection. For optimal performance, we recommend accessing Knowre via a desktop or laptop and not a tablet or phone. Knowre has a native iPad app for iPad users. To download, visit the App Store and search Knowre for Schools.

Below are the recommended system requirements for running Knowre. Please contact us at support@knowre.com with any technical questions or concerns.