Teacher Dashboard

Use the Teacher Dashboard to conduct administrative functions, monitor student learning, and assign review or lessons

Class admin

Knowre’s Teacher Dashboard includes a number of admin features that makes managing your class in Knowre that much easier.

Changing or deleting a class name in your Teacher Dashboard


  • In the Teacher Dashboard, select the class you need to modify by clicking on its name.
  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Overview page.
  • Click “Edit class name” in the pull-down menu, enter the new class name and click reset.
  • Or Click “Delete this class” in the pull-down menu, then Yes to confirm click.
  • Removing a class from your Teacher Dashboard is easy, but be careful before you do so! Every student must be enrolled in a Teacher’s class in the Knowre Teacher Dashboard in order to access their accounts. If you need to delete a class, just be sure to re-enroll your students in a new class before doing so.  (Learn about how to re-enroll your students in the “Adding students to a class” article in this Guide.)


Removing students from a class -AND- resetting student passwords


  • Click on the appropriate class in your Teacher Dashboard and view the Overview page.
  • Scroll down the page to the Student table and click on the small arrow button next to the name of the student for whom you’d like to remove, or reset the password.
  • Follow the prompts in the menu.
  • Note: Students must be enrolled in a Knowre class in order to log into the program, so removing a student from a class may lock the student out. Unless your goal is to permanently remove a student from the program, be sure to enroll them in an additional class before removing them from their current class. If a student it already in more than one class than you are ok to proceed.

Achievement system

Knowre’s achievement system is designed to offer teachers a real-time gauge for a student’s understanding of concepts and skills. The achievement scores reflect a student’s performance on a given problem, lesson, or chapter based on their most recent attempt. The only exception is in the Assignments tab where achievement scores freeze at the due date.

How achievement scores are calculated


  • Student achievement scores in Knowre reflect an average that is calculated using the student’s acquisition of coins on each question (3 Coins = 100% ; 2 Coins = 66% ; 1 Coin = 33% ; 0 Coins = 0%).
  • Students can only earn a maximum of 3 coins when they are able to answer the question without support on their first or second try. Each student is given 2 attempts per problem.
  • Students subsequently earn fewer coins when they access the Walk Me Through for support and enter incorrect answers.
  • All problems within Knowre can be retried. When a student re-attempts a question, they will tackle the same skill but with new values. Each time a student attempts a question, they have the opportunity to earn up to 3 coins.
  • Achievement Scores reflect their performance on a students most recent attempt.


How the stars relate to student achievement


  • Stars reflect a student’s achievement within a given lesson and are calculated on the basis of coins earned.
  • 3 Stars= 90%+ of possible coins earned; 2 Stars= 60%-89% of possible coins earned; 1 Star= 30%-59% of possible coins earned; 0 Stars= 0%-29% of possible coins earned.
  • Both coins and stars are designed to provide students with easily accessible feedback information which they can use to make decisions about what they need to continue practicing.