Knowre Data Insights: Teaching Linear Graphing

Knowre’s student data is a valuable resource for teachers – helping them pinpoint exactly where their students are struggling. However, beyond just the classroom or school level, we wondered, what can Knowre’s data show about math education on a national level?

To answer this question we pooled together Knowre student performance data from across the country and looked at which Knowre practice questions had the highest number of incorrect answer attempts. The millions of data points (students have answered millions of questions on Knowre!) revealed several enlightening trends. After connecting the wrongly answered questions with the core math concepts being practiced, we identified categories of skills that students struggle with most.

In this inaugural blog of our data insight series, we share the first category: graphing linear equations.



Graphing, as a visual representation of mathematical concepts and equations, gives many students trouble because it challenges them to visualize information in a new way. Mastering graphing is integral – not only for math class, but also for science class and the social sciences where data is frequently represented in a visual manner.

To support instruction around linear graphing, we identified several foundational skills that students need in order to be successful at graphing and created a resource packet to help you evaluate your students’ “graphing readiness.”

In our downloadable Linear Graphing packet, you’ll find:

  • Graphing Warmup
    • Give this worksheet to students as a Do Now or Exit Ticket to identify what foundational skills students may be struggling with. For example, if students have not mastered subtraction with positive and negative integers, they will likely have problems calculating the slope when given two points.
  • Graphing Warmup Answer Key
  • Using the Data Guide
    • We paired each warmup question with a Knowre lesson that reviews the skill being addressed in the question. Have your students work in these lessons before diving into linear graphing.


Download Linear Graphing Packet

In the next few weeks we’ll be providing resources to drive student success on other categories of skills they often struggle with. Have tips to teach linear graphing? Share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!