Maximizing the Updated Teacher Dashboard

Coin and Question Challenges

We have talked to many teachers who had great success integrating Knowre’s coins and stars into classroom incentive systems. The new Dashboard makes this worthwhile approach much easier!

Rather than having to monitor each student’s coins individually in the Students tab, we have provided you with a real-time Class Total for both coins and stars. You can now use these totals to announce starting points, motivate continued work through progress updates, and determine chartable daily and weekly goals.

Want to add in a team element? Leave your main class view as is (this will be best for general data monitoring) and create additional classes in Knowre for the purposes of the challenge. Have students join the appropriate team’s class for the duration of the challenge. Each day use the Class Totals to see which team is in the lead. Get creative! Treat each day as an inning, individual match, or progress towards a goal. At the end, delete the teams, or save them for the next competition.

You could also motivate student progress and continued practice through the new Work Completed graph (far right hand side of the new Dashboard). Aim for an increase in problems solved each week through goal setting. Be sure to keep students aware of their current progress towards the goal and you are likely to see your students extra focused to meet it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 11.04.33 AM

Class Overview

One of the biggest changes in this update is the new Overview page that has been added to the Teacher Dashboard. This page offers aggregated information about each class as a whole, as well as a zoomed in view of individual students. Dynamic graphs that focus on achievement score distribution, achievement trends, and week over week problem completion, give you a strong visual sense of your class’ performance overall.


The zoomed in student view at the bottom reflects teacher requests to view the number of questions a student has answered on the program. For teachers with students progressing through the program in sequential order, the new “Last Seen” data column is extremely valuable.  A quick sort and it is easy to see how much progress has been made and which students may be in need of a little more encouragement. Another data column, “Curriculum Progress,” is a color-coded gauge which provides a quick, visual indication of which students are on track and which are struggling.

Resetting Passwords and Viewing Progress Reports

As you likely noticed, the Students tab has been removed from the Teacher Dashboard. The contents of that tab are still available in a much more convenient location. Select the arrow next to each students name to access password reset, view individual student progress reports, and add students to additional Knowre classes. The average of student achievement on Assigned lessons and Review is now available on the lower half of the overview page as well.


Modifying and Monitoring Assignments

Sometimes you need to modify an already launched Lesson or Review assignment. Now you are able to not only change the date and time, but are also able to add and subtract students from the assignment itself. Adding students to already created assignments will mean that all student data for a particular assignment will be presented together!

Assignment completion information is now also available in the Overview page. At the far right side of the student menu you can see how many assignments a student has completed and how many assignments still need to be worked on. Assignments will stay in this column until their due date.


Accepting Students in Bulk

In the old Dashboard in order to view student data you needed to accept students into your classes one by one. As a result of teacher requests we have added an “Accept All” button. Now all you need to do is scan the screen to make sure the correct students have requested access and in one click you will see them all appear in your class.


If you have any questions about the updates, or would like a guided tour of the new features, please reach out to